A place of connection and transformation, Youth Unlimited™ helps young people discover their potential. We’re here to walk with them, help them learn life skills, support their growth as a person, and help them discover their potential. We do this through drop-in sports clubs, lunch programs, mentorship, youth groups and a myriad of other programs accessible throughout the Comox Valley.

Our Ethos

We’re a Christian organization but we’re not preachy, so we’re able to make genuine connections with young people and support them with the help they need – be it physical, mental, social, emotional or spiritual. We’re about genuine relationships. We don’t judge or tell. Instead, we listen and have the conversations youth want and need to have.

Our Staff

Our experienced staff is deeply committed and caring. Guided by values of compassion, integrity and servitude, they have an extraordinary ability to connect with youth and help them along life’s path. At Youth Unlimited™, we passionately believe in the potential of each young person with whom we interact, and are dedicated to providing opportunities for them to lead what Jesus calls “lives to the full”.

Our Funding

As a non-profit, we solely rely on the generosity of Peoples Financial Partnership who support our staff, as well as our operations. These are people who share our purpose of or are compelled to support our vision to transform a generation from the inside out.

Our Association

Youth Unlimited™ is a chartered member of Youth Unlimited™ Canada and part of Youth for Christ, an international, non-denominational Christian ministry founded in the early 1940’s.