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With a new decade, we are excited to reveal the new branding and logo of YFC Youth Unlimited across Canada! 

The Story of our Logo

Our new logo is an abstract take on the speech bubble, combined with an upward facing arrow, integrating bold angles that reinforce the movement towards Christ. This bold icon represents the upward moving conversations staff and volunteers have with youth through programs and relationships. The icon is also a container that holds the Gospel message.



Moving Forward Together

We are unifying our look across Canada; the mission of  YFC Canada remains unchanged. We are so grateful for your partnership with YFC Comox Valley. Because of your contribution YFC Canada has been able to reach into the lives of over 190,000 Canadian young people each year for the past five years. YFC is an association of 31 Chartered and 5 Affiliate Chapters spread out over hundreds of locations across Canada. Built on an entrepreneurial spirit our Chapters are as unique as the landscape in which they reside. This uniqueness allows us to effectively customize our programming to youth in each community.

In spite of the success we have had with each Chapter’s individualized programming, we realize that having two operating names can be confusing. Over the past two years, YFC has reviewed our identity as an organization to reaffirm and reframe “why we exist” and “what we do,” as well as how we behave and how we succeed.  

Why we exist:

 Every young person living fully in Christ

What do we do:

 Engage and equip youth to know and follow Jesus  

 Once we established this critical foundation to move us forward together, we set out to tackle our branding with a fresh, modern and unified approach. We are excited to present our new brand to you.